Dr. Morton teaches graduate seminars in topics related to urban design, historic preservation, creative placemaking, commemoration, and Washington, DC, along with client-based studios.

Current Course Offerings

  • Fall 2020
    • Creative Placemaking and Cultural Planning
    • Historic Preservation Planning

Previous Course Offerings

  • Past Urban Design Seminars
    • Housing Camp (Summer 2020)
      • Historic Preservation & Affordable Housing
      • Intro to Design Review and Principles
    • Privately-owned Public Spaces Field Project
    • City Design Principles and Policies
    • Inclusive Public Spaces: Applying the Gehl Institute’s Public Life Tools to Spaces in Alexandria
    • Art, Culture and Society
    • Monumental Washington: Planning and Commemoration in the Nation’s Capital
    • Design Review for Planners and Designers
    • 11th Street Bridge Park Design Competition Survey Module
    • International Historic Preservation
  • Planning Studios
    • Autonomous Mobility: Potential Impacts, Strategies and Visions for Arlington County (Fall 2018 & Spring 2019)
    • Documenting Arlington’s Legacy Businesses (Spring 2017)
    • Creating Twenty-first Century Play Spaces for DC Parks (Spring 2016)
    • Hidden Arlington: Planning and Preservation Strategies for Diverse Local Heritage (Fall 2014)
    • The 11th Street Bridge Park: Stitching Together Communities (Spring 2013)
    • Exploring Evaluation for Public Art: Arlington County as Laboratory (Spring 2012)
    • Tinner Hill African American Heritage Tour (Spring 2011) (Winner of the 2012 Student Project Award from APA Virginia)
    • Tinner Hill/Falls Church Arts & Cultural District (Spring 2009)
    • Going Green in Old Town Alexandria (Fall 2008)
    • Congressional Club National Register Nomination and Adaptive Use Strategies (Fall 2007)

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