Guest Speakers

During the course of the Studio Project, the class hosted several experts on transportation, planning, and autonomous vehicles to deepen the students knowledge of how AVs will impact our built environment.

Matthew Lesh

Thank you to Matthew Lesh for coming to present to our Autonomous Vehicles Studio Class! Matthew Lesh is an AV mobility consultant focused on accessibility, equity, transit integration and deployment. He works the transportation consultant Mobility e3 who help communities take advantage of new mobility technologies such as autonomous vehicles. Matthew gave a presentation to … Continue reading Matthew Lesh

David Rouse and Veronica Davis

The Autonomous Vehicles in Arlington Studio Class was grateful that David Rouse and Veronica Davis came and shared their wisdom about how autonomous vehicles should and do fit into the existing transportation field. David Rouse is the Managing Director of Research and Advisory Services for the American Planning Association in Washington, DC. David is active … Continue reading David Rouse and Veronica Davis

Greg Rogers and Jyot Chadha

Our planning studio was lucky enough to have Greg Rogers and Jyot Chadha come and present the latest developments in new mobility to our class. Greg Rogers is the Director of Government Affairs and Mobility Innovation at Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE). In this role, Greg advocates for federal and state policies that will enable … Continue reading Greg Rogers and Jyot Chadha

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